AMA Los Angeles Election Results 2017

Serving as an officer and board member for our chapter requires a substantial amount of time and dedication.  Remember, the path to board membership starts with volunteering!

These are your Chapter Officers and Board of Directors for the 2017-18 term beginning on July 1, 2017. In addition, we will be holding a Special Election in the last week of March for our new Secretary/VP of Operations. Read below for information about our new and transitional officers.

President: Philip Rebentisch

President-Elect: Rachel Guida

Treasurer: Jason Ciment

VP, Analytics and Membership: Diana da Costa

VP, Collegiate Relations: Dave Lawless

VP, Communications: Darrell Alfonso

VP, Community Outreach: Alison Webster

VP, Digital Marketing: Christi Turner

VP, Programming, Education: Edith Gomez

VP, Programming, Social: Logan Dzingle

VP, Strategic Relations: Allen Brieter




President-Elect (Transitional)

Rachel Guida

Rachel is currently the Chapter’s Secretary who is the new President-Elect. She will become Chapter President in July 2018. Our chapter has a valuable tradition of the President and President-Elect working closely together, and Rachel understands the nature of this important relationship. Having been a collegiate chapter president, Rachel is committed to the hard work and dedication that is required to be an effective President-Elect and President.

VP, Collegiate Relations (New)

Dave Lawless

For two years, Dave has been volunteering on the chapter’s Communications committee, working closely with the VPs of Communications, Integrated Marketing, and the President.  In his first year, Dave was instrumental in creating the chapter’s weekly emails. This year he has managed the chapter’s LinkedIn page. Dave understands the importance in having meaningful relationships with the various collegiate chapters in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

VP, Community Outreach (New)

Alison Webster

Alison has been volunteering on the Community Outreach committee for the past year working closely with the current VP, Christi Turner, and Alison’s fellow volunteer, Logan Dzingle. The CO team has been invaluable in serving our current charity partner, the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. Community Outreach is an essential part of our chapter and the AMA mission. She knows this position not only requires marketing and communication skills, it needs someone with a big heart.

VP, Digital Marketing (Transitional)

Christi Turner

Christi is the current VP of Community Outreach and this past year led the chapter’s efforts with the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. This office required developing and implementing a marketing plan for the “House,” and, planning and executing traditional community service events. She will transition to VP of Digital Marketing. A skilled veteran marketer, she is committed to working with the President and the board to expand our Chapter’s presence in the Los Angeles marketing community and the national AMA framework.

VP, Programming, Social (New)

Logan Dzingle

For the past year Logan has also been volunteering on the Community Outreach committee. As a motivated individual and “idea” guy, Logan understands this office is essential to the chapter’s professional networking efforts. Chapter surveys consistently indicate that worthwhile networking opportunities are an essential element of our Chapter. Logan will continue to build relationships with other Los Angeles professional organizations to expand our networking opportunities.

VP, Strategic Relations (New)

Allen Brieter

Allen has been designing for the digital and print world for more than 25 years, and has commanded his own 16-person design firm Breitercreative for over 18 years. Currently, he’s working as the Founder and CEO of Pitchpoint, a leading Presentation Design Agency that synthesizes the crucial ingredients of story, design, and oration to create powerful presentations. This new officer and board position will develop Chapter sponsorships and relationships. As a “Persuasion Specialist,” Allen is perfect for the role.