Meet the Board: Alison Webster, VP of Community Outreach

Tell us a little about yourself:

From Boeing to Barbie! It’s been a long road to transition into a new career, but now that I have, building a network of marketers is one of my career objectives. I’m Alison Webster and I enjoy things that make you go “hmm” and cause you to feel like anything is possible. I’m a SoCal native, but have the spirit of a gypsy. A gypsy that lives for experiences through travel. I enjoy learning about different cultures and feel a social responsibility give back to my community.

What is your position on the board?

I am the newly elected VP of Community Outreach for 2017/2018. The main objective is to provide AMA Los Angeles members with volunteer opportunities, while working on pro-bono match-marketing services to a non-profit. In recent years, we have been able to successfully provide The Ronald McDonald House Los Angeles (RMHLA) with a promo video, a slew of activities for the kids & parents, and have raised hundreds of dollars by participating in the RMHLA Walk for Kids event. It’s been an amazing experience for members.

Why did you join AMA Los Angeles?

After having participated in a couple Community Outreach events I found myself drawn to the possibility of helping my community, while building on my marketing skills and network. I joined because I was able to find all three things here in AMA Los Angeles. The people were welcoming at my first AMA event and the topics AMA hosts are with some of the most powerful/relevant marketing leaders across industries. Not joining would be a missed opportunity.

If there is one thing that you could recommend to new/potential members of AMA Los Angeles, what would you say to check out?

I would say, participating in a Community Outreach event gives you perspective on life. Since we’ve reinstated our partnership with the RMHLA this year, meeting the kids and their parents while building your marketing network adds so much more to your time and dare I say…life.