Meet the Board: Philip Rebentisch, President


I began my media career as a TV writer-producer-director. I formed a video production company in college, created international educational TV for NASA, moved on doing PR and marketing TV for Rockwell/Boeing, did freelance entertainment, produced websites, and created a digital TV company in the early 2000s. For the past few years I’ve worked the legal side of media reviewing national ad campaigns for potential copyright/trademark/clearance issues. Yes, I get paid to watch commercials and surf the Internet!

When I’m not staring into a screen of some sort or yacking on a phone, I’m a husband, dad (of twin girls!) and Triumph motorcycle enthusiast. Don’t bother calling me on Sundays as I’m on 2 wheels on some distant canyon road.

Board Role: I served on the board for 18 months as a President-Elect, one year as President, and re-upped for another year as the Prez. Maybe I’m drinking too much coffee.

My job is to set the direction and goals for the chapter and then help the board, volunteers, and members execute those plans. I have a solid vision of where I believe we should go as an organization, and part of that is listening to what the members need. In the end, ideas are great, but you must follow through and execute. I believe the expression is talking the walk, or something like that. Taking a walk maybe?


What excites you about AMA Los Angeles: I’ve had the AMAzing opportunity to work with and learn from some talented people through the chapter. This has allowed me to grow as a professional in many, many ways. The core of our chapter consists of three things: education, networking, and community outreach, and this is a perfect extension of my personal and professional interests. I love learning, I’m a people person, and community service is important to me. There’s a reason our tagline is Network. Educate. Move Forward with Us. It means that our job is to provide high quality experiences at all our events and our original content. We refuse to waste anyone’s time, and that challenges us for every event and activity.


What do you recommend members/non-members do to get involved and benefit from their relationship with AMA Los Angeles: You get out what you put in. Continually learning about marketing, content and tech or meeting quality professionals at our events is great, but there’s so much more to the AMA. It’s a truly national organization with vast educational resources for members, but for me, an essential element is the quality of the people I’ve met and continue to meet. We often hear that AMA members and our guests are “so nice.” It’s true; there is an authenticity to the people involved in the AMA and our chapter, and this is LA! This keeps me motivated. As we all move through the complicated landscape that is modern marketing and content creation, keeping that human touch is incredibly important. At least it is for me, and that’s why I’m a member of the American Marketing Association and our chapter. Join us and see.