Meet the Board: Rachel Guida, President-Elect

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have consulted several small businesses in various aspects of marketing for 5+ years. I am originally from New Jersey, but in 2015 I moved to Los Angeles. Since then I have been working in Marketing at a company called The Reconnection. It is an educational institution that teaches Reconnective Healing Training Programs all around the world. We combine our findings in science and spirituality to educate our students on philosophies such as: “you are already enough” and “we are all connected” as well as show them a tangible way to ignite their life purpose and the life purpose of others through a simple process. When I’m not working you can find me watching Netflix, cooking something new, jamming out to music or playing board games.

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What is your position on the board?

I am the President-Elect – the purpose of my role is to help the current president in setting the direction of the organization, assist in managing our chapter’s goals as well as develop and support our volunteer team. If you are a volunteer we would work closely to develop your goals and ideas for the organization and find the best place for you on our team.

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Why did you join AMA Los Angeles?

During my four years at Rider University I was heavily involved in my collegiate chapter of the AMA – my senior year I was President. So when time came for me to move from New Jersey to Los Angeles I knew that I wanted to become a member of AMA Los Angeles. Having been involved in the AMA at a collegiate level I knew the added value the organization would have to my professional and personal development. My favorite part of AMA is workshops and educational events. I always love learning more about marketing, especially since it is an ever changing industry. Being a part of the AMA has kept me on my toes and has increased my knowledge and understanding of all aspects of current marketing trends.

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If there is one thing that you could recommend to new/potential members of AMA Los Angeles, what would you say to check out?

You need to check out all the resources that both AMA Los Angeles and National have to offer you.


I am currently studying to get my Professional Marketing Management Certification through AMA, I am really impressed with the courses and material. I highly suggest checking that out as well as the Professional Digital Marketing Certification and other online courses related to our industry.


I have met so many people at our events and conferences. I love attending our educational events and social mixers, coming away from both more educated, with lots of business cards and new friends. I would highly suggest attending our events both the mixers and our educational events. I would also suggest attending our National conferences that match the leading industry trends. There are amazing speakers and you get to meet with marketers all over the country.


I have gained so much experience in the industry by getting more involved. Being a member is great but being a part of the organization as a volunteer is even better. Being a part of the AMA volunteer team has helped in developing both my personal and professional skill sets far beyond any job would have ever been able to provide me. I highly suggest i volunteering. You can learn a new skill; add it onto your resume; meet and work with amazing marketers you would have never been able to work with. It’s really a win-win. And the best part, in my opinion, is that you get to make the decisions of what your membership will look like, from events to blogs to podcasts and more.

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Move Forward With Us

The great thing is when the organization advances, our members advance. We see it every year with our new board members and volunteers and also after every event we host. You all walk away with something that can help you move forward. I hope that you continue to expand the use of your membership and take every opportunity AMA has to offer.