Our Sponsor Spotlight goes to our generous venue sponsor, Expert DOJO, which has hosted a few AMA Los Angeles events this year. Learn more about Expert DOJO below!

What is Expert DOJO?
We help entrepreneurs succeed at a higher level through coaching, training, education and community.

Why is Expert DOJO a good fit for sponsorship with AMA Los Angeles? In other words, why do you align with AMA?
Marketing drives the success of any entrepreneur and getting it right is the lifeblood of any company. We believe this is a combination of skills from a number of companies. All those companies are in the AMA and are sharing their knowledge for the benefit of all.

How does Expert DOJO help marketers? What services are you a leader in that our members would want to know about?
Sometimes it’s difficult for marketing service providers to get the word out about how good you all really are. We have tens of thousands of entrepreneurs as members of Expert DOJO and they are all potential clients. We allow them to community rate all providers so the best in the business rise to the top. All any provider needs to do is register on Expert DOJO and we will do the rest.

What marketing trends are you most excited about right now?
We love how we can specific target groups of people through high level influencers. This has really added a new level to marketing as it brings in team members rather than just the more traditional options which were available to us. We have had crowdfunding campaigns which were successful only because of the help we got from influencers. Our members are also very excited about retargeting people who have already come to their website but not converted. We are truly in a very exciting time in marketing!



AMA Los Angeles is grateful to IBM Marketing Cloud for generously underwriting our event on customer centricity last month, featuring the Chief Digital Officer of American Apparel, Thoryn Stephens.

We sat down with IBM to learn more.

What does IBM Marketing Cloud do?
IBM powers the delivery of exceptional experiences for marketers across the buyer journey by leveraging customer data, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions.

What motivated you to sponsor an AMA Los Angeles event?                                                                            Both IBM and AMA Los Angeles are working to arm marketers with the best tools available to improve a company’s marketing activities and their customers’ experience with a brand.

Tell us more about how IBM Marketing Cloud helps marketers.                                                                        IBM Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing automation solution that offers email marketing, lead management and behavioral marketing automation. The unified platform helps to: enable enterprises to automate personalized experiences, increase revenue, improve ROI, and deepen brand loyalty. Features include real-time behaviorally targeted digital campaigns, lead nurturing and scoring, dynamic, personalized content, with CRM and CMS systems, mobile integration and SMS, all built on an extremely flexible, highly scalable marketing platform.

Silverpop automates personalization on an unprecedented scale. Creating a 360 degree customer view through the ability to build a rich customer behavioral profile, dynamically linking customer data from fragmented sources – across and even outside the organization – such as social, web, email, mobile and third-party and internal systems. Silverpop orchestrates a personalized brand experience for each customer with the use of customer journey maps, making it easier to determine specific treatment strategies to drive loyalty and revenue and quantify the lifetime value of each customer.

What marketing trends are you most excited about right now?                                                                        Great question! We recently posted our key trends for 2016. You can download it now.

What else would you like to say about your partnership with AMA Los Angeles? We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership and look forward to great things ahead. The team is working diligently to provide the community events that deliver just the right amount of education, social exchange, and career advice. Thanks for volunteering your time!